Home Inspections

Top-Grade Services for Home Buyers and Property Sellers

buyers inspection

Buyer’s Inspection

Our buyer’s home inspections are all-inclusive. Arctic Home Inspections can do a walk through to assess the condition of your home. We can accommodate your banker's requirements with our inspection report.

pre listing

Pre-Listing Inspection

Are you planning to list your home on the market? Would you like your home conditions assessed beforehand? Well, Arctic Home Inspections is here to help. Get in front of any potential issues that may get in the way of an easy listing process. Our pre-listing home inspections are just as thorough as our buyer’s home inspections. 


Home Checkups

We all need a yearly checkup, so why not make sure our home is in the best shape. Ease your mind with a yearly inspection. It will be good to know what is okay and what is not okay. Letting you take the extra measures to fix things before any problems get out of hand. Preventative actions can extend the lifetime of your home.
Save you money in the long run. 


Thermal Imaging

Artic Home Inspections include thermal imaging for FREE to give peace of mind to my clients. I believe this service should be a standard on any home inspection. I'm excited to provide this service.